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Ressurection of an Intention

Everyone needs a six month hiatus now and again, eh? 

I know many of you have contacted me wondering if I’d been kidnapped by Navy Seal Team 6 (a girl can dream, right?) but I can assure you I am healthy and well. In fact, I discovered something interesting about myself : the happier I am, the less I feel the need to expose you poor souls to my misery. I’ve been a blissful nut for a while which may or may not be directly porportional to the incredible man in my life. As a reflection of my newfound gaiety I’ve had the peace and comfort to expand my happiness in other areas of my life including my relationship with my daughter, my coworkers, and everywhere else. A happy Sara is an active participator in life, as opposed to a reflective spectator.

So why am I writing now? 

Not to fret, I am not suddenly unhappy or flailing. I was inspired today to refocus the intention of my creative life. Here’s how it happened:

I attended a course this morning on Acheiving Your Potential, and part of that had to do with goal setting and affirmations. Now, normally I completely shut down when someone mentions goal-setting. I suck at it. It gives me anxiety. I avoid it at all costs. But then it dawned on me: over the past six months I’ve been living in the results of my goal. I spent the better part of the last two years working on becoming the kind of person I’ve always wanted to be – someone worthy of a fantastic relationship, someone my daughter could look up to, someone my co-workers are happy to work with – and now I see the results! I set a goal without even realizing it, and now the results of that goal are perfectly self-evident. Who knew?

I’ve decided to change my old thought pattern about being a poor goal setter. I obviously have recent proof to the contrary. The resurection of this blog is the first step in challenging myself to be the kind of writer I always envision myself becoming. 

So why do you care?

I began writing as a personal contention – could I do it? Would I do it? It was a self-serving intention and really only those folks who supported the effort read my posts (and I am full-heartedly grateful to each of you). But it’s time to set a new goal - a new intention for this forum: I want SaraSrsly to be your source for inspiration. Inspiration to invoke change in your life. Enthusiasm to live and love without limits. Permission to trash the old ideas that keep you trapped in old patterns.

So what are your thoughts on this new focus? Are you pumped? I sure am. Feel free to comment and let me know what you struggle with that keeps you stuck. And if you like what you read, please by all means share it with others.

Welcome to the new chapter of Sara, and thank you for coming back after all this time.  Seriously.


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