Right sized

Oftentimes humility is confused with humiliation. Well, sometimes it takes a harsh leveling of the ego in order to reach that point, but true humility is nothing more than the ability to see the truth. Through the filters of self we often see the facts as they relate to those around us: “I am better than you… I am worse than you.”  In the grand scheme of the universe, truth is neutral; it has no “good” or “bad” label attached to it. It’s only when we interject the ego, the sense of self and separation, does the truth take on a jaded or boastful tone.

I had a long night tonight. I spoke and told my story in front of a room full of wonderful people whom I respect dearly. The story was full of truths about me and my journey up to this point, and I received nothing but warmth and kindness in return. In this same evening I received an anonymous note that was clearly meant to hurt me. It too was full of truths about me.  So why would this second set of truths be classified as injurious?  An ego that is alive and thriving in all its self-centeredness takes offense to such blatant stabs at accuracy. But with true humility comes a feeling of right-sizedness. I am not better, nor am I worse, than any other human being who carries their own neutral truths. I am a set of circumstances. A collection of facts. A culmination of experiences. And the freedom of humility is the ability to tell my competitive ego that it has no jurisdiction here.


  1. Yeah, one only falls into the trap when one can’t accept the harsher truths or deal with criticism, no matter how gentle or spiteful.

    I’m not sure who your critic is, but having pissed off and disappointed my share of people, I can tell you they come in six packs. And amazingly enough, they’re almost never anyone you’ve hurt directly — just some sideline chump trying to push themselves along by dragging other people backwards. Who neglect their own failings by distracting themselves with everyone else’s.

    I know where you’ve been. And all I can say is how proud I am of where you are now.

  2. “What is truth? Is truth a changing law? We both have truths, are mine the same as yours?”

    The truth is that you are a shining soul, no matter which set you choose to look at. The fact that someone chooses to warp and twist that doesn’t change it. You are a benefit to humanity for your growth and wisdom.


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