Why should you care?

I’ve often wondered how people stumble upon a random blog, and what makes them come back for more. ¬†If you’ve stumbled upon me I hope you stick around. Know that I deeply appreciate every click, every comment, every subscription.

I’m just an average girl having some average experiences and hoping to pass along a few nuggets of insight I’ve acquired through all my struggles.

I’m not proud of how hard it is for me to truly learn life’s lessons, so maybe some of my screwups might save you some time and pain.

And most importantly, this blog is about being transparent. Finding realness  in the scariest of places: our own minds and hearts.

Please click on any of the posts below to check out my writing, and feel free to “like” me at www.facebook.com/sarasarasrsly for more content on muddling through life.

And thanks for stopping by. Seriously.


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